Why Do Christians Practice Yoga?

Yoga (2)
Yoga (2)

Yoga is exercising. It is a type of fitness that promotes strength, flexibility, and stillness. Most yoga classes that I attend are void of religious references. You pose, you hold it, and you release the pose. A lot of instances you happen to be attempting so difficult just to balance, retain your arms elevated, or stand in a strenuous position for many minutes that you do not have the time or power to believe about something else. I am persuaded that most Christians who oppose yoga have by no means even taken a yoga class.

Yoga is also type of meditation. It is a moving meditation. It has a spiritual side, which is most likely exactly where most of the controversy about yoga resides. Yoga has a thoughts-physique-spirit connection. Central to yoga is our breathe. When the breathe slows down, the thoughts slows down as effectively. In reality, the objective of yoga was to prepare the physique for meditation. When the thoughts becomes nevertheless, we enter into a state of inner peace. When our thoughts is at peace, we develop a higher space for God in our lives, to hear and knowledge Him on a deeper level, a spiritual level. The Bible says that “”the spirit of God is inside you.”” Consequently, it is up to us to prepare our hearts to fellowship with Him.

This is why yoga appeals to quite a few Christians. These who are against yoga think it opens Christians up to evil spirits and demons lurking in the darkness. They think by getting nevertheless and quieting our minds, we come to be prey to a host of spiritual unknowns. The majority of Christians who practice yoga know exactly where their allegiance lies and they are not so quickly persuaded or manipulated. We know that Jesus is our Lord and we can use yoga to strengthen our connection with him. We know in our heart and thoughts how to use yoga as a type to worship God. I think there are far far more sinister practices that lead Christians down the path of deception and darkness than yoga. These contain tv, godless films, preferred music, and secular magazines. If Christians want to denounce evil and lead persons towards the path of righteousness and holiness, enable them to recognize how the media is undermining their Christian stroll each minute of daily, not just the many hours per week spent at yoga class.

By means of the media, we are getting feed a day-to-day diet regime of anti-Christ propaganda that is deceiving us and maintaining us from pursuing an intimate connection with the Lord. Yoga on the other hand, does very the opposite. Christians can use yoga to detach from these illusions, enter into oneness with God, and develop a deeper connection with His spirit. Jesus told the Pharisees in Matthew 23: 13, “”Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let these enter who are attempting to. The developing interest in yoga to the Christian is a outcome of spiritual hunger. Going to church, listening to a sermon, serving in the church is not filling the gaping hole that continues to develop in Christians who do not want far more applications but far more God. They are not getting it in the developing, so they are hunting elsewhere. Yoga or a Christ-centered yoga option is just yet another tool that permits Christians to place into practice the scripture that says, “”Be nevertheless and know that I am God.”” When was the final time you we’re taught about meditating on God or practiced meditation in the church? When was the final time you spent time dwelling in God’s presence in the sanctuary?

I can honestly inform you that for me the answer is pretty seldom. Most churches do not worth the quiet. A lot of may well argue that abiding with God is a private matter on the other hand, quite a few contemporary-day Christians are not even familiar with this notion and if they are, they have been discouraged to do so. In reality, there are Christians who have been brainwashed to think that meditation is of the devil. But I think that there is “”no”” higher practice that can enable a Christian recognize a private, thriving, and developing connection with God, than to invest time with Him in silence and solitude meditating on his word and abiding in his presence. In all this condemning of yoga, Christians have forgotten the enjoy and liberty that we have in Jesus Christ. John mentioned in 1 John three:21, “”If our heart condemns us not, we have self-confidence towards God, which means God is capable to convict his youngsters of sin or incorrect-performing.

Consequently, if in your heart you really feel yoga is not of God, then you are obligated to not practice it, significantly less you sin. In quite a few such choices God offers us a private decision. He by no means appointed judges and juries to inform us to do this or that. That is what the Holy Spirit is for. The Bible says, When the Holy Spirit comes you will not have to have any man to teach you due to the fact the Holy Spirit will teach you all factors. I have in fact heard stories of people getting Jesus Christ on a yoga mat. What a superb chance to disciple the globe. They come for yoga and get saved! If Christians practice yoga as a type of worship, as a way to enjoy and honor God and develop in connection with him, what ideal has anybody to inform them any differently? Paul in Romans 14:four declares, “”Who are you to judge an individual else’s servant? To his personal master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is capable to make him stand.”” If as a Christian we practice yoga with the ideal motives and out of a pure heart, God receives our praise.

Are all yoga classes developed equal? Completely not! There are yoga classes that are smothered in Hinduism, so Christians ought to be discerning when picking a yoga class or teacher. I have in fact walked out of yoga studios accessorized with big Buddha statues, not due to the fact I do not think Buddha was a smart or enlightened man, but getting a Christian I do not worship Buddha, I worship the Lord Jesus Christ there is no confusion in my heart. Hatha yoga or Yogafit are many sorts of yoga that have extracted all the religious elements of yoga. Also, quite a few gyms like 24 Hour Fitness gives yoga classes mainly for fitness and relaxation. God does not want us to be discerning just about yoga, he desires us to be discerning relating to all elements of our life as effectively. How we invest our time, cash, what we consume, and exactly where we attend church also have constructive and unfavorable ramifications. Roman 14:two says, “”One particular man’s faith permits him to consume every little thing, but yet another man whose faith is weak eats only vegetables.””


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